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Level Selection Dialog
Easy Click, Drag and Drop level insertion.

Customize your Screen
Up to 17 Columns and 10 Rows. 

Pick from many different pre-defined calculations like Totals, Quarters, YTD, Variance, Percent Variance or create your own calculation.

Data Sets
Sales, Forecasts, Orders, Forecast Pro, Budgets, Promotions. Any data from any source.

Data Measures
Cases, Units, Dollars, Pounds, Kilograms, Costs, Margins.  Measure your business any way you want.

Very powerful filtering, at any level, all in one dialog.  Make one selection, or any group of selections.

Add comments to any cell at any level.  Colleagues can reply to your comments.

Save and recall your current view.  Create your own folders and bookmark names.

Forecast Approvals
Set up your forecast approvals to mirror your companies reporting structure.  Combine your teams forecasts into your own master forecast.  Allows full review and changes prior to going live.






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