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StrataView is a Decision Support System specifically designed for the Corporate Sales, Marketing and Finance environment.

It gets down to what drives the business fast, allowing management to make informed decisions faster.

Flexible, Scaleable, Cost Effective Deployment

StrataView resides on your PC Network and includes native support for Microsoft SQL Server.  Start with 5 users running on SQL Server Express or 1,000 users.  Start with a standard database for a single department or deploy across your entire enterprise.

From several users to thousands of users we can meet your needs.

:: Collaborative Sales Forecasting Made Easy
If your organization is still using Excel spreadsheets to collect forecast data, then you will appreciate the ease with which you can collect, review, approve and consolidate your forecast data.  You can even have multiple approval levels.  We allow you to work with your forecasting data instead of spending time trying to collect and assemble it.
      :: Budgets, Financial Plans and more
Use StrataView to create your Financial Plan at the start of the year and then lock it down.  As your fiscal year progresses, you can compare your plan to your actuals, your sales forecast,  your consensus forecast, your statistical forecast.  There is really no limit.



  :: Data Integration
We specialize in data integration and data management.  We make your data work for you and can allow you to work with your data from almost any source.  For example;

SAP, People Soft, BPCS, MAPICS, PRMS, Platinum, ACCPAC, PeachTree, Solomon, Sage Business Visions, Adagio, Custom AS400 Systems, Paradox, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Excel Spreadsheets, CSV Files,  ASCII Text Files. 

      :: Regular, Intelligent Business Performance Reports
Think of all the current business reports you need to run your business and any reports you wish you had but can't get now. Now imagine those same reports appearing on your computer screen - giving you the power to instantly summarize at every sub-total level or look at details and top-lines as you choose. This is the power of StrataView !





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