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StrataView is
designed to provide flexible data analysis for the corporate enterprise.  It provides easy access to your data, the way you need it. Rapidly changing business requirements will not hinder StrataView's ability to satisfy your information needs.


More than just a sales analysis tool, StrataView delivers financial analysis, inventory management plus comparisons of forecasts, budgets and plans to the actual performance. Seven years of history are available with 5 years of future plans and forecasts all at any level of your business from the highest organizational point to the most detailed Ship-to / SKU / Warehouse combination for complete analysis.
:: Analysis Levels
Analyze your business through any hierarchy or levels you choose.  Change them with just a few clicks.  Filter on one level or set filters at multiple levels.  Slice and dice your data to assist you to make informed business decisions.
      :: Unlimited Data Measures
Measure your business however you want, Cases, Dollars, Pounds, Kilograms, Unit Equivalents, Costs, Margins, Profit, Multiple Currencies.  Your choices are only limited by your data.



  :: Export To Excel
Want to take your data into Excel? You are always just a few clicks away from exporting your data into Excel.
      :: Generate Forecasts At Any Level
Generate forecasts at any level within the company, customer or product hierarchy even if the initial forecast is done at the SKU level.

:: Automatic Conversions
Changes are automatically converted to dollars, margins, equivalent factors and other data measures as required.  Forecast in any measure and have it converted back to the other measures.

      :: Unlimited Approval Levels
Have one approval level or twenty.  Each forecast approval can make changes and submit to their manager for approval.

:: Integrated with Forecast Pro
StrataView is a pure judgmental and collaborative forecasting tool. We have seamlessly* integrated StrataView  with Forecast Pro, the leading statistical forecasting software, to deliver The Complete Forecasting Solution

See the power of Forecast Pro at

* StrataView includes a standard interface with Forecast Pro. This interface allows you to view your Forecast Pro forecast in StrataView using the same hierarchy you use in Forecast Pro.  Our Forecast Pro Add On Module gives you the capability to explode the forecast across all levels of your business and also add additional measures such a equivalent units, dollars, etc.


Additional Features

  • System and user defined bookmarks allows you to save and recall any view including assigned filters
  • switch between fiscal and calendar view
  • up to 17 columns by 10 rows of data
  • pick any data to use as your Percent of Business Breakout while forecasting
  • any number of archives for your forecasts, plans, budgets
  • your forecast data is entered into worksheets, it only goes live when it's approved
  • accommodate any pricing changes at any point in the year
  • new products can be assigned the seasonality and/or distribution patterns of any other product
  • combine information on screen from any of your data measure sales, orders, POP data, Inventory, Financial Plans, Forecasts, Budgets, Sales Quotas, Forecast Pro
  • multi-level filtering at any levels, filter at one level(s) view at any other level
  • complete security to protect your data, restrict data by user to block tables or records
  • access your data across your network, your VPN or the Internet.  Choose the local database option if you want to download your data to your notebook.
  • add comments to any cell
  • data can be ranked at any level, by any measure.  Printing a Top 10 report or any combination
  • StrataView operates in Windows (NT, 9x, 2000, XP) with a simple point and click interface
  • Minimum machine requirements: IBM Compatible Pentium III , 128MB RAM





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