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Richard Zinn is a Consultant tasked with accelerating the growth of a venerable, but slow-growing specialty food products company.

The Needs
“Step one was to assemble some meaningful sales data, so I could assess current revenue activities and the profitability of various products and regions.  It didn’t take long to see that there was little to be had.  Accounting software with a report writer add-on was not providing much.  No wonder the sales staff was struggling with anything numerical.  The report writer itself was a nightmare to set up for the reports I wanted to see”, Richard told us.

Richard had seen our StrataView application in use and was impressed.  He looked at alternatives and just about the smallest investment for competitive forecasting software was $150,000 to provide for his needs.

      StrataView was comparable and more, for a fraction of the price.  “I was impressed with StrataView’s flexibility.  I saw that I could continuously upload my data and have it converted and loaded into the StrataView database without changes to our current system.  We would then have all the tools we could wish for to manipulate that data.  I could see that Sales Managers and Sales People anywhere could access data in whatever form they preferred” Richard said.

The Implementation
Richard provided his current data structures and Goddard Software Systems wrote a program to convert his data structure to their StrataView system.  The system was then tested with real data.  Richard’s operations were never affected.  StrataView was installed and Richard was on his way.






The Results
“It’s terrific” Richard said. “Reports that used to take hours to run are now available in seconds.  New formats can be had almost instantly, without the programming and setup that were previously needed.  Previously, the ability to save these special forms was not available.  Now it’s easy.  Structures do not have to be redone every time”, he enthused.

We asked Richard for some on-the-ground examples.  He told us “managers and sales staff can now have information in whatever form they find useful.  Reports are actually read and used.  The whole culture has changed.  We now have staff checking reports on their laptops while in airports waiting to fly out to clients.” he said.

“I can track results in any combination, any area, any product or group, without effort.  Any new thoughts I have about structuring data into a meaningful report – click, click and it’s done.  I can track and match marketing expenditures to results in any area.  This allows me to allocate funds and resources to areas that will provide the most BANG.  Here we grow” Richard concluded.






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