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StrataView is a Decision Support System specifically designed for the Corporate Sales, Marketing and Finance environment.

It gets down to what drives the business fast, allowing management to make informed decisions faster.

:: Collaborative Forecasting Made Easy

Using Excel to Forecast
your business is a very good choice if you have only 1 or 2 sales people, as the number of people that need to view, manage and depend on your forecast grows, then your need for specific forecasting tools increases. 

StrataView makes forecasting your business much easier. If you are using Excel to Forecast and spending hours or days cutting and pasting to reassemble your forecast, then StrataView is the solution for your business.

Is your organization struggling with the distribution, collection, consolidation and the accuracy of your forecast?

There is a better way .. and StrataView is it.

Here's what StrataView will do for you:
  • Provide each forecaster access to their data.  No need to worry they are forecasting the wrong customers or products
  • Forecast any level, any time. Forecast by product, product group, category, customer, shipto, territory, country, region, sales rep, warehouse. Your forecast is automatically distributed to your other business levels. There is no limit and you can see any other data you have at the same time.



  • Enter your Forecast in dollars, units, equivalent units. Whatever measure you choose to enter your forecast, the other measures are automatically populated.  This includes multiple units of measure, multiple currencies, cost, margin or any other measure.
  • Do you want your forecast approved before it goes live? StrataView provides an unlimited number of approval levels. Your sales rep can submit to their territory manager, the territory manager can submit to the regional manager and so on.  Or don't require approvals at all. It's your choice and StrataView provides you the flexibility.
  • Don't stop with a single forecast. With StrataView you can enter, modify, view multiple forecasts, financial plan, quotas, targets.  The choice is yours.
  • Track your forecast accuracy.  Track your forecast against your plan, actual sales, orders or even previous months forecast.
      StrataView allows your company to forecast easily and accurately.  All at a very affordable price.  Call us today at 1 866 787-2828 or sign up for an online demo today





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